Who we are;

Dictionary.com defines Pragmatic as "of or pertaining to a practical point of view or practical consideratons," and this site is focused on providing useful information to real world owners and tenants of commercial real estate.

While there will be articles that drift away slightly and look at the commercial real estate world as containing assets and investments, we will try to keep our guard up, get back to reality and deal with the real world and everyday issues.

You will find artilces here that discuss important and often timeless issues that relate to commercial real property ownership.  Pragmatic issues like those discussed in articles like "How Important are Traffic Counts" and "Do you Manage Yourself or Hire a Property Manager?"  The articles will focus on topics that owners and tenants will find useful and interesting and occassionaly on topics like market conditions, bank profits and brokerage company issues.

Our articles will be based on our own, personal first hand knowledge of commercial real estate. While there will be multiple authors, and there will even be some who write about residential subjects, most of the content will be our own original work and not just another blurb from the far side of the world.  If you are looking for articles on the real estate market in Italy, this is not the site for you.

Yes, we are commercial real estate pros and we anticipate that other authors will have expertise in this area or in related areas that they write about.  All articles will be read by us and added if they have some contributory content.

We are a for profit souls, always looking for support and advertisers, so if the site appeals to you in that regard please contact us.  Our sister site located at http://www.appraisalarticles.com offers hundreds of appraisal related articles and is prominent on Google and other search engines, and we hope that you will visit it.  This site has already, during 2012, seen several thousand readers, we could display your information prominently for $ 100 per year.  Contact us at grigdon@cox.net.

Who we are not;

This site has not been created to be a commercial real estate news site that discusses each and every twist and turn in the commercial real estate (CRE) markets.  We will not report on the latest commercial real estate firm foreclosure or the most recent increase or decrease in sales volume or vacancy rates in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. 

While the articles uploaded to this site have been written about issues that affect commercial real estate owners and tenants generally, their will be many articles that are specific to Nevada and its largest population centers in Las Vegas, Henderson and Reno.

If you are a visitor here keep in mind the fact that the site, as its name implies, is primarily focused at our Nevada audience, being commercial real estate owners and tenants in Nevada.

We welcome your feedback, please fill out the feedback form that is provided if you would like to see articles or information on a specific subject.

Please keep in mind our legal disclaimer: Our artilces are meant to be informative and educational but they are provided free of charge and they should be relied upon only at your own risk.  www.nevadacommercialrealproperty.com and its owner make no actual or implied guarantees regarding the information provided on this site and they are not liable for your use of or your reliance upon it.  Please look at our "Legal Notice" page that can be reached via the Home page.

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