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Clark County Land Sales 2017

As a Clark County and Nye County Nevada vacant land broker and appraiser I try to track what is going on in the market and submarkets.  The following graphic displays my best available historical and current data on southwest Las Vegas vacant land sales, I have displayed the sales by 4 zoning categories, but I keep the data for more categories including R-3 or 18 DUPA and R-4 or 24 DUPA.

Land Market Timing

Land markets, like most real property markets, react to what is effectively a “mob mentality.”  Everyone hears about big gains, they rush into the market until the “next greater fool” theory has exhausted the buyers, the market turns and then immediately many of the new owners want out.  That’s when the rush to dump land holdings begins and the roller-coaster is on the way down.

What Makes a Good Commercial Real Estate Marketing Brochure?

If you want to evaluate how your listed property is being marketed you may want to take a look at the brochure that has been prepared.  If the agent says that there is no marketing brochure, I guess that would concern me as an owner.  You may want to ask, how are information requests being dealt with?  How do potential buyers and cooperating agents get the information you want conveyed to them?  Most firms do put together some type of brochure or flyer is there a difference?

Whats Special about Commercial Land on the South Strip?

It's important to know what you are getting for your money on the South Strip.  Are you getting zoning, planning, unrestricted gaming, corner orientation, and sufficient size for development or one of the properties that will be one of the last to develop? 

What Factors Make Vacant Commercial Land Valuable?

What are some of the economic and physical factors that can influence the value of vacant commercial land?  Some of them are discussed in this free article.