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Commercial Lease Terms are Important

If most landlords are chargina a $ 0.25 per square foot per month common area maintenance (CAM) fee and your landlord is charging $ 0.35 per square foot per month for similar space, that relatively "small" CAM charge difference would be $ 12,000 per year for a 10,000 square foot space or $ 6,000 per year for a 5,000 square foot space.  It's not peanuts; you need to know why your landlord thinks that because his expenses are higher, maybe because of building faults or overpaying for expenses, that you should be suffering because of those problems.

Are Expenses Increasing for Commercial Properties?

It's common sense if you think about it, rental rates have decreased dramatically over the last several years in Las Vegas, Henderson and Clark County, Nevada in general and expenses have continued to creep up.  So even though they may not have increased substantially commercial building expenses now take up an even larger share of the gross income that is typically derived from a commercial building.

Do You Manage Yourself or Hire a Property Manager?

Most buyers of commercial real estate have decided this question before escrow closes and possibly before they looked at the property that they eventually purchase.  Either they want to be an active "hands-on" manager who collects the rents, deals with the maintenance issues and visits the property often or they are buying it as an investment and they just want to check in on periodically and wait for checks to arrive from the manager.